A program changing the way we work with our emails and
how we get more benefits from them. 

Is this program for you?

  • Daily receiving huge number of emails
  • Limited time to read emails
  • Receiving emails from many different persons
  • Want to get more from your emails without additional effort

This Outlook Add-in is free,
   contains no advertisements,
      does not gather or send any data

New Version 2.70.10 (from 12/Jul/2024) is available
on our Download page

GenAI functions are available! We have integrated with Ollama local LLMs.

New features coming every week!

How will it help you? 

1. Fast identification of emails requiring attention

  • Read first most important emails
  • Not missing important email threads

2. Email Thread summary at a glance

  • 1 click view on who and when participated in the thread
  • Shows Positive and Negative sentiment per email

3. Collects automatically contacts from all emails in a thread

4. Mass and Out of office emails auto detection on receiving. Auto move to configured sub-folders.

5. Backlog emails folder management

6. Targeted Fast Email search and Fast reply function

7. Specisl Lists - by Subject / by Sender / By Category

We are happy to announce a new Windows program "MMI Connect".

It allows quick open of a new web page based on the content of the clipboard. New Version 2.18 (from 12/May/2023) is available on our Download page.

MMI Connect userguide is HERE

This small standalone application is a spin off from MMI Add-in.

We are happy to announce a new Windows program "MMI Resolution Notes".

It saves time when filling Resolution Notes using defined templates and follow certain structure. New Version 0.8 (from 01/Apr/2023) is available on our Download page.

MMI Resolution Notes userguide will be soon available.

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