Latest version

Follow the Link to Download

To upgrade your an existing MMI Add-in version:
1. Go to MMI Config in Outlook menu .
2. Press [Upgrade] button. It will automatically:
    a. Download the new MMI Add-in version
    b. Stop your Outlook
    c. Install the newly downloaded version
3. Start manually Outlook

If automatic Upgrade is not working:
1. Stop Outlook 
Download the new MMI Add-in version (link is above)
3. VERY important is to unzip the new version in the location from where you initialy installed MMI Add-in (this is Outlook limitation!) 
4. Start the setup.exe, which will update MMI Add-in
5. Start Outlook

To Install MMI Add-in for the first time:
Follow the instructions which are can be found in the link above

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